What to wear for Family Photos

I get it. It’s stressful trying to decide what your whole family should wear for family photos! You’re investing your hard-earned money into professional photos, you want everyone to look good! Here are some of my top tips on how to make sure everyone looks good:

Be loving and happy and calm

I know how stressful it is to get your family ready for family photos! Getting my kids out the door any day is a struggle, but when I also want them to look good, forget it! Together we will get beautiful photos you’ll adore forever if you can leave the stress at home. Do some meditation in the car on the way to our location. However you show up appearance wise does not matter as much as how you show up for yourself and your family emotionally. It makes all the difference in the world if you remain calm and emit love instead of stress.

Have Low Expectations for your kids

Your kids are still going to be kids, good and bad, during your family photos. Let them. Even if it means a dirt stain on their white shirt! Be as positive as you can. Compliment them, tell them what a good job they are doing, focus on all the things you love about them.

Pick out your outfit first

OK time for the actual outfit advice. Always pick out your outfit first. Pick something you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Something you can play and love on your kids in. I’m a pretty active mom. I get down on the ground with my kids a lot and there’s a good chance my kids will end up tugging on me or wanting to be held. But also I hate pants, so I wear a dress that is looser fitting. Something like this or this or this and if I’m buying a new dress I may even order a size up to ensure it is loose.

You don’t have to buy new outfits

In fact, your family might be happier wearing outfits they already own and love.

Don’t make your husband wear a tie if he hates wearing ties

After you decide on your outfit, start thinking about everyone else. Let your family members wear outfits they would actually enjoy wearing. I always pick a t-shirt and casual pants (out of his closet) for my husband because I know he hates most button-ups. My 4 yr old currently only wears dresses, so obviously a dress for her. And I have my 5 yr old help me pick out her outfit options because she’s very picky about clothes.

Forget the rules you found on Pinterest

You don’t need to be too matchy matchy in order to coordinate well and look amazing! Forget some of the rules you may have heard in the past. Throw some things on your bed and see if they look good together! Or if you’re buying new outfits, screen shot the clothes and put together in a gallery app too see what they look like together.

Avoid bright colors on fabric that reflects light

Neon and bright colors often create color casts. Certain fabrics reflect more (synthetic fibers, silk, polyester, rayon), so if you want to wear bright colors that is totally ok, but test in some bright natural light to see if it creates a color cast!

When all else fails, stick to neutrals or muted colors

If it seems too overwhelming to coordinate or to make sure your bright red dress won’t cast red all over your baby’s face, stick to neutrals and/or muted colors!

Hope these tips were helpful! If you can think of any additional tips, please comment so we can all benefit!

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